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Testimonials from some Happy Campers Travelers!

Last update: December 10, 2016

"We just booked our honeymoon to South Africa (into Joburg, out of Cape town) for April. THANK YOU! Keep up the good work."
- Adam, Dec 10, 2016
Business class to South Africa, savings: £1000 per ticket

"I just booked two return flights from MAN-JFK in June for £682 including amex fee. Amazed that the cheap seats hadn't all gone. Thanks for the idea!"
- Simon P, Dec 6, 2016
NYC, savings: £250 per ticket

"I booked this flight and going to Japan for the first time! Thank you!!"
- Julianne R, Dec 6, 2016
NYC, savings: £400 per ticket

"Thanks mate, I booked Peru may 2017, from Heathrow. "
- Laurent G, Dec 5, 2016
Lima, Peru, savings: £250 per ticket

"You are amazing man!!! Me and my mate Tom have booked a return to Bangkok for £315 each thanks to you - we'll be going in the end of February! Thank you!!!"
- Avinash, Dec 6, 2016

"Just got a holiday booked to Amsterdam and Panama for myself a some mates in May thanks to your tip! Appreciate what you're doing."
- Steve W, Dec 4, 2016

"...showed my grandmother this as she's travelling at the moment and she is blown away by the prices!!"
- Samuel K, Dec 6, 2016

"Off to Peru in Spring. Great news and hyper excited. Thank you"
- Cath T, Dec 6, 2016

"Thanks a lot for the Amsterdam-Panama deal! The Amsterdam weekend is on my birthday, and I've always wanted to do South America so I booked the s$@t out of it immediately."
- Leo L, Dec 4, 2016

"Thought I'd let you know this will be the third flight I book through you :) I'm started a nursing degree year and I'm basically going on the next 4 years worth of holidays in one go because life is going to get hectic....thanks so much for what you do :)"
- Clare H, Dec 2, 2016

"Just letting you know my girlfriend and I decided to say f%$k it and booked the trip. Going to depart from Belfast Airport in March. Thanks a million for all the work you do!"
- Sean M, Dec 2, 2016

"just booked a couple of them tasty flights to manila, bring on the beaches amirite?! Anyway, cheers for hookin ya boy up. Major props, keep em comin. "
- Toby C, Dec 2, 2016

" Just wanted to say I've only been signed up for a week and I'm loving it. Nearly managed to the the 199 GBP return flights to LA!"
- Morten A, Dec 2, 2016

"Just booked myself a trip to the Philippines next march!"
- Tim B, Dec 1, 2016

"I booked the Bangkok flight a few days ago...Great emails, thanks for these"
- Leah O, Dec 1, 2016

"we ended up booking this… fantastic fare.. thx so much. "
- Rafael O, Nov 30, 2016

"Booked to Singapore! Thanks!"
- Mohammed M, Nov 30, 2016

"Thanks so much for this, got them booked last week, and I'm on my way to see the Royal Rumble and my beloved San Antonio Spurs! Will check Austin out if I get a chance."
- Graham R, Nov 29, 2016

"My friend and I just booked some return flights to Tokyo for £250! I have only recently subscribed to your newsletter after seeing your AMA on Reddit and I'm glad I did! I really didn't think I'd be going to Japan anytime soon."
- Gracy D, Nov 28, 2016

"Just wanted to thank you for the newsletter! I have booked return flights from Manchester to Houston... Total cost was £270 per person so £539 for both of us, also was already able to select our seats for free and amazingly have 2 cases each to check in!!!!"
- Katka V, Nov 27, 2016

"Booked! Thanks Jack! I need a cheap NYC flight that month too. Work that Jack magic!"
- Sam C, Nov 27, 2016

"Just booked a couple tickets for two weeks at the end of April because of this email! Managed to get them for £242 so cheap, thanks so much!"
- Lewis, Nov 27, 2016

"Thanks bro! I've been planning a trip to Japan with my mates for a few years, but we never really got around to it until now. I went alone in September and paid ~£480 for a return, and just booked a ticket for myself and a friend for £516 total. Great deal!"
- Adam H, Nov 26, 2016

"oh my god I cannot believe this. I booked it today and hopefully it goes through! Thank you so much! it was the exact dates I wanted to go next year too. Perfect timing to climb Mt.Fuji! Please keep doing what you're doing. It has completed my life."
- Melissa W, Nov 25, 2016

"I will do. It's actually always been a bit of a dream for a friend and I to go to Japan and I'm super excited we finally get to do it."
- Alex T, Nov 25, 2016

"My wife and I booked this flight! What a great find, thank you so much for your commitment and work on this website!"
- Robert, Nov 25, 2016

"These fares are insane, I fly 10 times a year longhaul and very much intrigued by Aeroflot ! Absolute bargain!"
- Harry D, Nov 24, 2016

"Just booked two flights return to Tokyo, we've been wanting to go for ages, this saving will really help us. Thanks Jack!"
- Felix A, Nov 24, 2016

"I saw your AMA on reddit and signed up straight away as I just got out of a long term relationship and had never had a chance to travel properly, now I'm going to Tokyo! Thankyou so much!"
- Dave, Nov 25, 2016

"I booked this in an instant without thinking twice. What a steal! Thanks so much for everything."
- Connor C, Nov 24, 2016

"Just booked the Tokyo flight. Amazing deal! Thanks so much!"
- Emma, Nov 24, 2016

"Just booked x2 flights for a fortnight in May for £556! Thanks for the heads up! "
- Jon, Nov 24, 2016

"Booked these flights for my partner and I - always wanted to visit Japan but never been in a position to afford it, so thank you for creating this mailing list. Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled!"
- Matthew D, Nov 24, 2016

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