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Premium Members receive all the top deals I send out – about 4-5 per week on average, from airports in the UK and Ireland. Free subscribers receive 1 deal per week.

Get The Deals First

You also get the free member deals but before free members, so you’re always the first to know. Error fares and the best deals often sell out quickly, so the sooner you know, the more likely you’ll secure a fantastic deal.

Choose Your Departure Airports

Premium Members can select the departure airports they want to receive deals for and will only receive the most relevant deal alerts. Want deals departing London airports but not Scotland? No problem.

The Weekend-Trip Email

Once a week you’ll also get an extra Weekend-Trip email with short-haul flights to destinations that are less than 4 hours away. So you can plan sneaky cheap getaways without taking extra time off work!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the Premium Membership, send me a note within the first 30-days and I will refund 100% of your money.

Top Roundtrip Deals From The Past 3 Months

SAVED £214
Manchester To Canary Islands
£36 rtn
SAVED £214
SAVED £401
London To Los Angeles
£199 rtn
SAVED £401
SAVED £911
Inverness To Hawaii
£289 rtn
SAVED £911
SAVED £205
London To Iceland
£45 rtn
SAVED £205
SAVED £481
Birmingham To Costa Rica
£319 rtn
SAVED £481
SAVED £788
Edinburgh To Shanghai
£212 rtn
SAVED £788
SAVED £528
Manchester To Manilla
£272 rtn
SAVED £528
SAVED £502
London To Tokyo
£248 rtn
SAVED £502
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If you or your family book just one of my long-haul flight deals, one single ticket, saves you an average of £402 per ticket. Many of our members book multiple trips saving thousands of pounds.

Let me find your dream trip,
for you

Don’t spend weeks searching for cheap airfare. I search for deals to ALL destinations and send out alerts as soon as there’s a deal worth taking. Most deals are time sensitive and my alerts make sure you never miss them.

My cheap flight alerts will fit ANY schedule

Most of my cheap fare alerts are for travel dates 3-11 months out, so you’re sure to find a flight fitting your limited schedule. If you’re only able to travel during the school holidays, we also send out peak fare deals for you.

Simple, easy to follow cheap fare alerts

(Premium members receive 4 times as many deals and weekend break alerts)

1 We send you deals only when fares are at their cheapest

We send you the deals within minutes of them becoming available. Each flight alert email tells you of the best dates to book within a set window so you can save big.

2 Clear itinerary for each flight deal

You get all the details: destination & departure airports, availability dates, and everything else you need to know about the flight to decide if it’s the deal for you.

3 We show you exactly how to book the flight deal

We’ll point you to which airline or booking site is offering the absolute lowest fares on the particular flight deal. Then choose your dates, hit book and you’re off on holiday.

Happy Travellers

“Thank you Jack. I'll be heading off BHX to Hawaii (into Honolulu...out of Kona) in November for £377. Super pleased with that.
Dangerous as I've only been signed up for a couple of weeks! Where to next?!?!”

Jackie Webb

March 6, 2017

Jackie saved £723

“I booked these flights! thanks so much for the service, I wouldn't put in the time to find these deals and it really captures my imagination each time I see a deal.
I will be going with my father who hasn't been there since 1979...so thank you for doing your part in giving me a special holiday with my father.”

Anthony Hull

March 2 2017

Anthony saved £387

“I've just booked your Tokyo deal for my husband and I at £248!! We've been dreaming of visiting Japan for years and have now decided add on an extra week since you've saved us so much on the flights.
Keep up the amazing work Jack!!!”

Colette Kelly

February 12, 2017

Colette saved £502

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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  • Renews automatically
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Hi, I’m Jack

Seven months ago, I started Jack’s Flight Club, where we unearth and send out insanely cheap flight alerts from airports all over the UK. We’ve since grown to a community of more than 72,000 members and have even been featured in the Independent and The Sunday Times. If you’ve got any questions about my Premium membership, read the questions below or feel free to reach out using the link at the bottom.

Your Questions Answered

Is my credit card information safe?

Completely. This website uses a 256-bit encrypted connection and two of the most commonly used secure payment systems: Stripe and PayPal. These payment processors are trusted by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. This website will never have access to or track any personal payment details.

How many cheap flight alerts can I expect to receive?

It depends on how many I can unearth, but on average Premium Members can expect 20-30 deals per month from airports within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Free subscribers will continue to receive 1 free alert per week.

I have to make travel plans months in advance, are these deals for me?

While we do sometimes find last minute deals, most of my deal alerts are for fares 3-11 months out, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row before your trip comes around!

Can I cancel any time?

Of course. I only want you paying for Premium if you absolutely find it valuable. You can cancel your subscription anytime by sending me a quick note at jack@jacksflightclub.co.uk. If you choose to cancel within 30 days of your Premium Membership upgrade, I will send you a full refund.

Which airports will the Premium Membership cover?

I send alerts for cheap flights departing all airports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen alerts for an airport near you. Check out some of the recent deals listed above for examples.

What is the Weekend Trips Email for European city-breaks?

This is a Premium Member feature. A few times each month, I scour the internet for cheap, convenient European city breaks from every possible airport. I do my best to find you the best value option taking into account bank holidays, ideal flight times, and other factors to make sure you get the most (and use up the least) of that precious holiday allotment.

These have been especially popular for those looking for a few extra holidays each year without having to ask the boss for time off 🙂

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