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Our recent roundtrip deals:

  • Manchester to LA: £199
  • London to Melbourne: £441
  • Edinburgh to Hawaii: £289
  • London to Tokyo: £248
  • Birmingham to Lima, Peru: £312
  • London to Iceland: £35

Happy Travelers

Jackie Webb

Thank you Jack. I'll be heading off from Birmingham to Hawaii (into Honolulu...out of Kona) in November for £377. Super pleased with that.

Dangerous as I've only been signed up for a couple of weeks! Where to next?!?!

Mouhamadou Ndiaye

I’ve saved £945.50 and counting, as planning to book more flights! Jack’s Flight Club has allowed me to be more adventurous with holiday plans within my budget. I’ve purchased three return flights, to Havana for £131.50 instead of £700, Entebbe (Uganda) for £237 instead of £450 and St Petersburg for £136 instead of £300!

Colette Kelly

I've just booked your Tokyo deal for my husband and I for £248!! We've been dreaming of visiting Japan for years and have now decided to add on an extra week since you've saved us so much on the flights.

Keep up the amazing work Jack!

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