Meet Jack!

Hey, I’m Jack and cheap flights are sort of my thing.

Growing up I’ve always seen airfare as the biggest obstacle between myself and the globe, so I learned every technique I could to find the cheapest fares to any destination (like London to Tokyo for £248 return or Manchester to Vegas for £199 return).

Nearly a year ago, my mates pushed me into starting Jack’s Flight Club, where we unearth and send out insanely cheap flight alerts from airports all over the UK & Ireland.

We’ve since grown to a community of more than 200,000 members and have even been featured in the Independent, The Sunday Times and Lonely Planet.

What we do is quite simple – we send out alerts informing our members when fares on flights go really reaaaaally low and tell you how and where to book them to score the biggest savings. We’re still a start-up but have already managed to save our members an estimated £5,000,000 on airfare – and that’s just the bookings I know about!

Thanks for becoming part of the journey too and I hope you’ll find cheap flight tickets to the destinations you’re looking for, or you’re inspired to travel somewhere you haven’t even thought of yet.




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