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Who’s behind Jack’s Flight Club?

Hi, I’m Jack Sheldon. You might have read about me in The Daily Mail, The Times, or on Reddit. I’m a flight hacker - a guy who lives for uncovering cheap flights and sharing them with my friends (and Flight Club members).

Now, you might be wondering, ‘Why does he do this?’ Well, I just think people should be able to see the world and explore new places, on any budget. And from a young age, it's been my passion to explore the globe - 43 countries and counting - and doing so flying for ridiculously cheap prices.

And yes, I know not everyone has the time, know-how (ok, or the passion) to dig out flights like Bali for £189 or Peru for £212. But hey, I do, and that’s why I set up this newsletter. So join up today and start packing your luggage!

Ready? Here’s how it works:


#1.  Join Jack’s Flight Club
Enter your email address and start receiving links to loads of cheap flights.
These will have details of deals and discounts, hidden offers, and error fares.

#2.   Get Cheap Flight Deals

I get to work and uncover the cheap flights available right now. You won’t get
any multi-stop deals; the maximum is usually 1 stop (unless it’s a crazy
discount on a 2-stop long-haul).

#3.   Book your holiday
You’ll be among the first to get news of cheap flights. The second I find one,
I send the details to you. When you see a deal you like, book with the airline or
travel company directly. It’s that simple!

Recent Jack’s Flight Club deals (Nov 2016):

Manchester (MAN) to Boston (BOS) for £200

Edinburgh (EDI) to Canary Islands (LPA) for £31

 London/Paris to Tokyo (NRT) for £248 (€290)


"You are amazing man!!! Me and my mate Tom have booked a return to Bangkok for £315 each thanks to you - we'll be going in the end of February! Thank you!!!"
- Avinash, Dec 6, 2016.
Savings: £335 per ticket

"My friend and I just booked some return flights to Tokyo for £250! I have only recently subscribed to your newsletter after seeing your AMA on Reddit and I'm glad I did!
I really didn't think I'd be going to Japan anytime soon."
- Gracy D, Nov 28, 2016.
Savings: £530 per ticket

"Just wanted to thank you for the newsletter! I have booked return flights from Manchester to Houston...
Total cost was £270 per person so £539 for both of us, also was already able to select our seats for free and amazingly have 2 cases each to check in!!!!"
- Katka V, Nov 27, 2016.
Savings: £382 per ticket

Frequently Asked Question

Are you an agency?

No, definitely not. I have no partners or affiliates. I’m just a chap with a laptop who, through years of practice, knows how to find the cheapest flight deals.

You’ll also never book a flight through me – I just show you where to find them!

How do you find such cheap fares?

Over the years I’ve worked out how to use flight matrix systems, which are advanced airfare search and pricing tools. I search these and other ends of the web, to bring you the best deals. Whenever a new deal becomes available, I learn of it first and share it with you.

Which airlines do you work with?

None – I just go where the best deals are found. That might be on a big site like British Airways, or a small third-party travel agent.

Which countries do your deals depart from?

You can choose from:

1) United Kingdom & Ireland
2) Europe
3) United States & Canada (NEW!)
4) Australia & New Zealand (NEW!)

After you subscribe, you can change your preferences.

How many emails will I get?

You’ll get 15–25 per month, depending on how many insanely cheap flights I unearth.

I’ve signed up but am not receiving emails

The best way to make sure you receive my emails is by adding my email address ( to your address book. Do that first, and then check if they’re hiding in your spam folder. If there’s still no sign, email me at and I’ll check.

Do you look at budget airlines as well?

I look everywhere! Naturally, most people (including me) usually prefer to fly full-service so I look there first. However, if a budget airline is offering a spectacular fare on a long-haul flight (recent example: £169 non-stop roundtrip to Aruba), you’ll be hearing about it!

Jack, I just booked! How can I return the favour?

Thrilled to be of help! If you are enjoying the deals, I would love for you to share Jack’s Flight Club with your friends. We’re starting a cheap flights revolution here!

Can you help me with a specific booking?

I’d love to help – the thing is, this list has grown so big in such a short space of time. I simply can’t keep up with the mountain of requests flying in. All I can say is I constantly search for cheap flights all over the world. So please keep an eye on your inbox and I’m sure your destination will come up!

What’s in it for you?

I work in travel and look at flights all day as my day job, so at the moment this is a fun side project I’m self-funding. I hope to have it someday establish my reputation as an industry expert!

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